Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chapter 8 - The things that we do

We're very "kaypo" bout other people's business..we're more concerned with other country's prob when our very own country is not doing well..tsk tsk..i mean it's alrite and cool that we show our symphaty and compassion and etc etc to those in palestinian..but not to the extreme extend..this will just complicate stuff and it totally doesnt help our country's growth..i mean i totally feel for those in palestinian and itz good that we send some aids there..but not too over..

We,Malaysians have this mindset of looking at the big picture and sweeping all the small and petty problems away..not only politicians but almost everyone i know is like that..take for example..the government wants Malaysia to be a developed country but how can we be one when almost every traffic light for the pedestrian crossing is either vandalized or never been repaired...just yesterday as i was going to work i saw a couple of tourist pondering whether they should cross the road or not when the button for the traffic light is vandalized.. they even used the pen to try press in the thing but itz never gonna work..then they just shake their head in some sort of disbelief way and just use their instinct to cross the heavy traffic road..i this our way of being a developed country?i felt ashamed..

oh well..this is just a very random rambling..

end up i couldnt sleep at all for the whole
next, i'll be waiting for you to come back to Penang!hehe..

till the next chapter..

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