Saturday, May 30, 2009


I wish to apologize to one of my closest friend for leaving out his name in my post recently..
i feel really regretful that i left his name off..
to my defence, i can only say that i was really having a writer's block and after that accident in my college..
i tend to forget things..
so to my really close buddy Teo Mou Jian,who acted as a prostitude to call me on the day before my bday, i appreciate it alot..
it was the most unique way of wishing someone a happy birthday..
which im sure will be a trend someday and if it does..
i will definitely make sure everyone knows who the founder of this idea was..
it was you, one and only..
my beloved..
Teo Mou Jian!


Chapter 30 - 12 Months

12 Months ago..

I hated college..
I have no close friends in college..
I did not have any guy friends in college..
I was a loner in college..
I thought to myself "Why in the world am i here?!"
College sucks..

12 Months ago

Life was boring..
Everything was routine..
Friends were leaving..

12 Months ago

I was alone..
No one have come into my life yet..

12 Months ago

I was 18


Im 19 and am enjoying my life to the fullest!


  • Thanks to The College Gang for the party on the beach!
  • Happy Belated Bday to WeiQi!
  • Thanks to Sin Wah for the cake she baked for me n WeiQi!
  • Thanks to friends who wished me!Thanks~
  • Thanks to Rachel for calling me!
  • Thanks to Yi-Wen and Yik Sean for the very nice car sticker..!
  • Thank you Ah Bi and Panda for the treat and birthday cake..!
  • Thanks to my two awesome girlfriends, Sher Lyn aka The Baboon and Vanitha aka Ranghitaaa for the suprise and gifts!thanks alot you two!i appreciate it alot..!hehe..
  • Most importantly, eventhough u're thousands of mile away frm me, I still love what you did for me and I love you even more as days past dear NgShinRui!=)

I miss you baby..alot!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Random thoughts

I am like a child who wants more

but you are so reluctant to give

some child will stay and continue bugging

but some will move on to others who are willing to give.