Tuesday, July 29, 2008


....i can start blogging!

after a hell of a ride last week i finally can blog..and finals are over!!alrite alrite..where do i start...okay..

Last Thrus..
went out with ShinRui to celebrate our one month old relationship..
well perhaps to some itz not a must but i feel that itz nessecary as we have gone through alot
in the early stages and we need to relax!haha..
so we did wad normal couples do..took her out...and had our..ermm..early dinner at oldtown..

i aint looking at other girls yea...XD

then we watched..
Sex and The City..!
i must say..itz actually a darn nice movie...
so itz rm8 worth spent..hehhe..
so after the movies i fetched her back and well..tht is the end of the day =)

Now to fridays..

today was suppose to study the whole day..
so woke up early in the morning and started the gruelling process of studying microecons..
actually itz not that bad..i guess moral and malaysian studies will be worst come next sem..
around afternoon..shinrui asked me whther wanna watch dark knight..
and there is a discount..and u know..
im a fan of discount...
once i hear discount..
i cnt help myself..
but say...
heck,even without the discount i would still watch it..
coz itz nice!!
now i know why lotz of people in msn put their nicknames as
"why so serious?"
so then after the movies we head back home..and i dropped her in her hostel and yea tht's bout it..oh ya..i went back to studyin my microecons..hehe..but ended up falling asleep till the next day after like 2 hours plus of studyin..hehehe..

So..tht leads us to saturday!!
yeap..the day i've been waiting has arrived!
we're goin 2 BM for the St.Anne celebration and overniting in shinrui's place..
but before goin i realised i was seriously broke..my mum wudnt give me an advance allowance so i had to come up with one of my brilliant ideas..yes..i do have brilliant ideas..lol..so yea i decided to wash my parent's car to earn some cash for the trip..so i asked my godparents if they wanna wash..they wanted..and my godbros and godsis in laws are there too!
so that means more cars more cash!my lucky day!
so i washed three cars and bagged rm10 percars..so im quite loaded with the allowances i have left..hehe..
so after the washing routine..i quickly prepared as shinrui was ready to come to fetch me..
so my hokkien mee breakfast..i ate it like im drinking mushroom soup..yea..imagine how fast is tht..
so bla bla bla..the whole trip to BM was quite...hmmm...anxious for me as i have to meet shinrui's parents...i was freaking nervous!but before goin back to her place..shinrui decided to go back to her old school awhile as they have some caring week thing..and really..PFS is really 10 times...
WORST than Jit Sin..
in terms of cleaniness...coordination..sports..bands...and many more!haha..
i mean..Jit Sin could organised a food fair so well..can PFS do it??no offence but i dun think so..
well anyway..went back to her place shortly after that..and her parents werent home yet..so i was still pumping adrenalline to my whole body waiting anxiously to meet her parents..
so bla bla bla again...
Jyee and Kevin came to shinrui's place..
u know their house very strategic and very close to each other wan k..dman nice..lol..
so yea..we were a lil hungry and so the girls..shinrui,karen and jyee decided to cook some spaghetti for lunch..the boys..well..we do wad boys do which is EAT and also talk some boys stuff..lol..
then halfway the cooking process..the parents came home..before tht i totally forgotten bout it then suddenly the parents came back..i was like.."crap..okok..be calm be calm.." so i went to greet shinrui's mum and dad..and i've crossed the mountains..small and the big one..kevin..when r u goin to cross the big one??hahaha..after lunch we hanged around while waiting for shinrui to prepare herself..me,karen,jyee and kevin played the family game...very educational rite guys??lol..
so after all tht we all went to jyee's house which is just like 500m away..(i did say their house are quite near rite?)
yea..there we do wad we do best..
eat more..and more..and more...seriously..jyee's house is like heaven for food lovers..haha..
and i did something that i couldnt believe i did it...im not gonna talk bout tht..so letz skip tht part...ahahah..
so after all the craziness we finally went to St.Anne..it was drizzling a lil bit but a lil while later it stopped..and i din expect there would be so many people there!i was like wow..itz 3 to 4 times bigger than the crowd they had in bon odori..haha..so we bought some candles and prayed hoping tht wad we wished would come true..we took some photos too..check it out..


Me and Shin Rui =)

we were again...looking for food to eat....so together with Li Tat(ur hair rocks man =D ) we went to find shizu and her friend in some bah kut teh shop and ate there..the food was unbelievable and the price is also darn cheap!
after dinner we went to shizu's house and hanged around there..and she has a dog tht looks like a wolf!wow...scary..lol...
so anyway..we went to her place and played KILLER and HEART ATTACK!
wow..this is like our new trademark game whenever we go with a deck of cards...lol..
so after all the craziness..we went back to St.Anne..there were more people there than i could remember!oh well..we walked outside the streets..lotz of things to see..and finally i ate ban chiang kuey after so long..it taste great..haha...so after all the excitement..we went back to jyee's house..watched the AhLong show..though i've watched it bfore but itz still quite funny...haha..went back to shinrui's place around 12 something and we settled in for the night..

So on Sunday...

woke up real early in the morning...to meet shin rui's friend for a yam cha session..drove around a lil while looking for the dim sum place..finally found the place..the food there is quite cheap..as a matter of fact..the food in BM is all quite cheap..so after the dim sum we went back to shinrui's place and me and karen ate again in shinrui's kitchen..we ate kaya and peanut butter..lotz of them!the kaya was nice..homemade by shinrui's mum..seriously take go n sell can open one company selling kayas d..really nice..lol..so anyway..while we were eating away..chef stingray is preparing lunch..this time with the help of karen and supervisor vegekia tht sits on the tool..heheh..then suddenly there is a cute puppy that suddenly came in to shinrui's lawn frm the neighbouring house..man this puppy is the real definition of cute..can even play tricks!i really had the urged of kidnapping the puppy back to penang..and luckily karen din shake it till itz...u know wad happen to the tortoise..lol..

so after lunch..we head out again with jyee and kevin together with karen..this time..Jyee was driving..and driving a big car..forgot wadz itz name d..hahah..tht is just like 2 or 3 hours after our lunch and we're eating again..i ordered curry mee and ice kacang..and fried cempedak and lastly laksa..seriously in this two days i wonder how much weight i have put on..haha..
during the night we went to another religious event..this time itz Tzu Chi event..sounds interesting so i followed..and interesting it is..opened my eyes...

so after the event went back to penang and had supper in Kayu!

YES i know...we eat again...

heck who cares..eating is life..!!haha..

so by the time i reached home it was like around 12 d..and i have my final exam the next day!!

now on monday!

woke up at 6 and did the last round of revision for my microecons...

all i can say bout the paper is..

first section was heaven...

second section was earth...

last section was hell..

yea..but i guess i did okay ler..section 1 and 2 should have helped me..

so on tuesday!

had human comm!!nothing much to study..

and the test was alrite..not bad...

during the evening shinrui came and we went to tesco extra to pick up some food for her to take back to cook for her dineer..instead of goin back after tht we went to karen's house..we had our dinner there and as usual be like crazy people there..lol..

so after tht went back and studied my visual comm test!


last day of exam..cnt wait cnt wait..

once i see the exam paper..my heart just dropped...i DIDNT know how to do!!oh crap shit!

luckily the drawing part was 40 marks so i dun think i will fail this paper..oh well..

after all tht i came back home watch some TVs and now writting this blooody long post..im about to stop now..my fingers r turning numb already...lol..

so till the next post...


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Peng You by Emil Chau

itz the first chinese song i post here..the first time i heard this song was way back when i was form 1 in my first TX camp..very nice and in a way,itz touching..aite..so enjoy =)

there is a fact that i couldnt deny..

you were my friend and you'll always be one..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Wanna have a look at disaster?

well..feast ur eyes on....
Yeap,this is my closet..
A pure example of disaster!lol..
Gotta start clearing my closet soon d..
alrite,till the next post..

Monday, July 21, 2008

Tip Of The Day - How To Be Emo

wanna scare people off?or do u just wanna get attention from people?well,here is just the right tip for you!watch this and ut'll definitely turn you into an emo person!enjoy =)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Eventful Days...

What do friday means?
If u're thinking of TGIF..u're totally wrong..
Friday means another army is created!
last week was the steamboat army..and this week..itz...
CHOO CHA army!
this time the army comprises of karen,shizu,jyee,shinrui,adrianne,kevin n me..
..this week the theme is choo cha..and the cook is as usual chef stingray!hehe..
and there is an addition in the chef department which is shizu and
adrianne(yes..i need some lessons from him d)..
they whipped up some amazing dishes..and the rest?
well..we did what every chef in the world wants people to do..
and oh ya..not to forget..karen..ur drinks is 'hmmmmm' damn nice!
yes,karen its wonderful..yum yum =D
after eating we helped clean up as usual and later settled down alil while..
waiting for our bellies to digest the food..and later on..yes..itz time again..
yea..played killer again..this time we can use our leg to some sort of nudge people..
yeap..so imagine the chaotic state we were in..lol..
so after killer we went to queensbay to watch..
"Che Pi"
the movie that i misinterprete it as eating fart..
no...obviously itz not bout eating fart..itz The Battle Of the Red Cliff..
in mandarin they pronounce it something like tht..lol..
the movie was alrite..oh ya almost the whole duration of the movie i was eating vinegar..
yea..eating vinegar!hahaha..
the movie was quite nice..but the ending seriously caught me by suprise..lol..
so after the movie all went back and tht is it for the adventures on fri..

Now,to saturday..
bon odori is on today...so we planned to go n have a look..
so i fetch my baby stingray from her hostel..we went to meet karen and the gang in little cottage..we din eat there..guessed wad?i met ting en and denise there!big coincident..lol..
anyway,we din stay for lunch there..we instead went to eat in the hawker stall near little cottage..hehe..mustsave money..money crisis..lol..
so anyway..after lunch we hanged around in gurney a lil while..thought of watchin batman since everyone is sayin tht itz very nice..but then again..perhaps buying dvd is much better and cheaper..hehe..so me n stingray just walked and hang around in gurney..
later on went to gurney drive and eat pasembur then went straight to bon odori..
both of us met up with shin's bros in bon odori..it was quite a festival..believe it or not itz my first time there..haha..it was super packed there!damn crowded..but hey,tht is the fun rite?so after walking around looking for wad to eat with a rm20 ticket..we finally settled down after an hour plus of scouting for food..found a place at the field and just sat down there and watch the performance..played some funny riddles..
then the time came for the fireworks!it was fantastic!after the fireworks we went home and man it was freakingly crowded..and there is this crazy driver and his eyes shoot bird friends..i wonder how he got his bloody license!almost banged my car..u're suppose to look AT THE FRONT as well not only the back when u reverse numbskull!i was honking like a bloody mad person..the driver in front must think im crazy as well..
so after all the crazy drama on the road..things were smoother..
and in the end i drove her n her bro back to hostel...and i went back home!
tht is all for now..
have to study d..exam comin liao..lol..
till the next post,chaoz!!!!

here are some pics =)

here are the foood!

Shin and me

Shin's bro and me..damn tall...

Bon odori festivals...

here are the fireworks clips! enjoy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tip Of The Day- How To Be A Gangster

being bullied in school?being pick on everywhere you go?wanna change your nerdy image to a macho masculine guy?well..look no further..watch this video!(thanks to debra if u're reading this) enjoy =)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I can't smile without you by..Hellboy?

who would have guessed that this song would end up appearing in the new hellboy movie?lol..anyhow..itz good to listen to oldies sometimes..enjoy =)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Me against the world~~

Im officially the enemy among men in this planet..so i think..well most of them anyway..not all..but oh well..if they wanna hate me or despise me or stuff like tht..go ahead i have nothing to do or to say..the best part of all this is i know nuts bout this initially..everything seems fine then next thing i know *BAM* i have another person hating and despising me or calling me an idiot or whatever funny names..amazing how things work huh these days..lol..where is the 'tell it to my face' way of telling ppl u dun like them?how am i suppose to know where i'd go wrong??i admit im one of those who hadnt been using this way to tell people that i dont like them..and i solemnly promise i'll never do tht again..i hope..coz it really really brings you down..down to earth and guess wad?it doesnt end there..u'll still be drag down into the core of the earth..yeap,that down..heck, you might as well jst set me on fire or strangle me..it brings less pain compare to this..oh well..your decision your call..i just have to live with it and get on with things..since i cnt shake it off now might as well i just live in the moment..lol..anyway..today was actually one of those great days in my life!it was eventful, fun, exciting well u get the drill..haha..it'll definitely be one of the days that i wud remember for the rest of my life =)
So to all u peepzz out there..if u dislike tht person's attitude or whatever..TELL HIM OR HER..right to the face..whether it will change how they behave or not,only god will know but atleast u can hold your head up high and say..
"i've made the world a better place"
Aite..guess that is all..im all ready for a war...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

My haircut...My disaster...

I had a haircut...and itz a disaster....
and im bored...
i look like tam bai kia frm my presentation...
or maybe worse...darn it...
aahhhh..wtheck..just live wit it ler...
it'll grow back soon =D

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Steamboat Army and The Golden Army

Fri night karen had a steamboat dinner over at her apartment..quite a number of people turn up..they are..karen(obviously), her bro(another obvious one),adrian,alex,kevin,jie xun(sorry if i spell ur name wrongly >.<),shizu,jyee,shin and yours trully..

well when i reached karen's place only alex and jie xun arrived so..this shows that guys r more punctual then girls..haha..just kidding..after a few moments..the hostel gang have finally arrived!together with some coughing sounds..everyone has been coming down with some cough virus lately..especially stingray!eat choco smmore la...hahah..

once they come the girls went down straight to business..cutting..washing..cooking..boiling..and there jyee goes again..cutting stuff..and as usual..her cutting skills is well..u know..not as good as mine XP..i know after saying this..someone is goin 2 come after me..and after half an hour or so..itz time to eat!~~ so we ate..and ate and ate..like there is no tomorrow..and there is still some leftovers!even kevin gave up!so imagine how much we ate..haha..and jie xun has to leave us coz of some personal stuff to attend to..

after eating we played some card games..these are the post-eating stuff us teenagers usually do these days..adrian first recommend strip poker..sadly couldnt play it coz there are girls around and we dont think they would wanna join in the game..so guess what we played..?a game called HEART ATTACK..man..imagine after eating 3 rounds of steamboat..u are to play a game called heart attack..really..thrilling..hahah..apparently it was quite thrilling and perhaps the game should have a change of name..not HEART ATTACK but HAND ATTACK..coz this games requires fast reflexes,quick thinking..u get the drill..all i can say is..people with long fingernails do hav the advantages...hahha..then after the HEART aka HAND ATTACK game..we change to KILLER! we are one whole bunch of violent college students i tell u...this game requires u to blink here and there..and sometimes touch..so lotz and lotz of drama unfold there like..karen laughing nonstop..kevin strangling adrian coz jyee seems to lost her touch senses and many more..it was all so crazy moments..sadly..i couldnt catch any pics or video..

so after all the fiasco of the post-steamboat session..we decided to catch a movie..and that is when the Steamboat Army gets to meet the Golden Army..yea u guessed it..we watched Hellboy II..karen had to fetch alex back first so me,shin,jyee and kevin went to queens to buy the ticket first..and boy..there was a big commotion in queensbay..there was some sort of a fight i guess among the guards or some robbery ensued...only god knows wad happened..and there was a girl who was trying to check out what happened wasnt looking where she was walking and *BAM* she hit the post! i couldnt stop laughing out loud..i know it was bad but any normal human being would laugh out loud...okay i know karma is coming to get me..and i kinda made kevin jealous and everything before the movie starts..lol..

The Golden Army was okay...still couldnt beat The Steamboat Army especially in the game of KILLERS and HEART aka HAND ATTACK..lol..

so after the movie we went straight back to karen's place..all of them are staying over at her place..sadly i couldnt stay over and accompany my babystingray =(..so i hanged around for a lil while with her..then i had to leave home..all in all..it was a great night..hope to do this soon again..hehe..till next post..ChAoozzzzz~~~~

Shin and me



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Eating dogs....and i dont mean hot dogs..

Dogs for dinner anyone?nope..not the american style dogs that im talking bout..im talking bout the walkin barking rolling and cat chasing dogs..yeap..those kind of dogs..

I was just reading the papers yesterday and really had a shock when i found out that dogs r delicacies in some country and also in our very own Malaysia! since when the animals that is labelled man's best friend turned into man's stomach's best friend??i mean..it is wrong..very wrong..eating live snakes or some reptiles is still alrite for me..but then dogs for dinner??oh man..that is just pure cruel especially the part they kill the dogs...by strangulation,suffocation,stabbing and according to sources the dogs suffers the most tortured deaths..man..how cruel can one be??they're suppose to be pets and not something that u put on a plate with an apple placed in itz mouth..i mean how could u eat them...seriously couldnt imagine eating them..

Could u eat these pups?

Or this??

Even this??

This whole bunch??

So guys..hopefully u wont eat any of these meats..cats or dogs..chicken,pork,beef go ahead but not dogs man..itz not right at all...


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lollipop by Mika

Since everyone is quite uptight n down lately..i guess this itz best tht i post this song up...so enjoy yea!=)

Rest and Relax~~and lotz of food..

After a whole week of turbulent and assignments..i swore to myself im goin to use this day well..and i used it well indeed..din even have time to update my blog!...really neeed to put my head back and rest and relax and just go with the flow and..well u know the drill...

Went out on a date with stingray..well first we went to Little Cottage for some lunch..and itz literally LITTLE..itz quite small and whenever people walk..we'll feel as though there is a giant stomping on the floor and it really felt unsteady..but other than that minor glitch..all in all it was okay...we just couldnt believe the price!it was freaking cheap~~!u have a set lunch cost u max of RM20..man..why din i find this place earlier??too bad din have any pics for the place..the best part is the food tastes great..i give it 7/10 for the whole place..great place..!

Alrite..enough bout Little Cottage..after lunch..went straight down to Gurney..drove around for 15 mins looking for carpark..the whole gurney carpark was full..great..oh well..i found a parking outside and guess how much i was charged for parking there..RMnil!woohoo~~well went into gurney and i saw..MEGASALE!and it was on shoes..ADIDAS,NIKE,REEBOK,PUMA..all on sale..my parents wasnt there..DANG!after bidding a bitter farewell to the branded shoes..we decided to watch hancock..it was alrite..Charlize Theron was pretty hot..okay..i might be in trouble for saying that but she is really hot..lol..

After the movie we went for some window shopping and later had a light snack..our all time favourite waffle~~~stingray and i then decided to go to queens..and we ate more...KFC was the next thing that entered our stomach..and i really think that she is plotting to make me grow really fat..i've been fed with chicken skin more than chicken meat..hahah..then after our meal..did a lil more window shopping..and later went to the beach..the queensbay beach(i dont even know why people called it a beach anyway)..itz undeveloped and there is rubbish everywhere..oh well..we went there anyway..and talk and talk and talk...

Finally i send stingray back to her hostel and sort of bump into..ahem..well letz just keep this under wraps first..haha..all i can say is they look really cute..lol...

Reached home and guessed what..my parents bought me roadside burger..i was like..wow..the chicken from kfc is still swimming inside my stomach and i have gobble up this???really..there is really a plot to make me grow fatter.....anyway..had a really great time..so stay tuned for the next update!