Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its time for a change..
i've got a wake up call today..i feel like i sort of disappoint a lecturer today.. i dont like that feeling at all..i dont like the feeling of disappointing someone..maybe it is in my nature to be special or someone that stands out in people's it in terms of work or relationship..

I need a change..i need to concentrate more on people that put hopes on me and not disappoint them like how i did again might not be a big deal for many..but to me, it is sort of a big deal..

i still think im not at fault entirely
if this is your way of showing me that im wrong n that you forgive me,
you're damn wrong if you think i feel grateful for that,
i want you to see my TRUE point,
if you cant, it's just too bad

Saturday, October 3, 2009

do not wanna know do not wanna care..
i feel that i've fallen down the pecking order in your life and im not that important as how i was used to be..though u're still always the most important one to me..
sound like a high school kid?
i guess..dont care.
guess i just have to live with that feeling of being kick out from the top spot..