Saturday, February 20, 2010

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter

I am guilty.
I should be hanged.
I have betrayed myself.

I DID NOT UPDATE MY BLOG FOR TWO WEEKS IN A ROW *bam, shot in the head and die*

Bleh. Utter nonsense. Anyways, I admit I breach my vow that I'll update my blog once a week thus, here is a little update, specifically, last night.

Kiatisak Chua: sher: flirting with vendors
Kiatisak Chua: kia flirted with one caucasian vendor
Kiatisak Chua: but he is a guy
Kiatisak Chua: lol
ywen: lol
ywen: normal la
ywen: sei thai kuok lou confused abt his gender and sexuality
ywen: :)
ywen: it happens to most of them
Kiatisak Chua: Kia : FUCK YOU
Kiatisak Chua: SI BUDAK CINA
Kiatisak Chua: KOTE PENDEK
Kiatisak Chua: hahahahahah
ywen: i know im male and dead straight
ywen: do u? :P
Kiatisak Chua: i didnt know ure a male
Kiatisak Chua: at least thats what it hought after 3k inn
Kiatisak Chua: lol
ywen: lol
ywen: nonsense
ywen: im a male and u know it
ywen: ur ass felt the full extent of my powers
Kiatisak Chua: the girlfriend just screamed out loud "WHAT THE HELL????????????????????"
ywen: lol
Kiatisak Chua: kia went "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!"
Kiatisak Chua: wth man
Kiatisak Chua: now i know u love anal
ywen: LOL
ywen: ok that came out wrong
Kiatisak Chua: sher lyn gotta learn how to do it d
Kiatisak Chua: lol
ywen: dang
ywen: hahaha
ywen: i didnt mean it that way
Kiatisak Chua: i love the rawr
Kiatisak Chua: so macho
Kiatisak Chua: lol
ywen: haha
ywen: thanks for the compliments :P

Thats how interesting my life has become. flirting with an european guy vendor.
And guys, Yi-Wen aint gay.
He's Bi.

And im just joking with the flirting with the vendor thing. Seriously.