Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This is my voice, what about you?

I've been attending Feature Writing classes this semester conducted by Mr. Aaron, one of the lecturers whose classes I enjoy going in the most. Probably its because he does not teach everything based on readings and text, but more on the current issues and it keeps our brain going, thinking about a certain issue in many different angle. This is especially a plus point for student majoring in Journalism like me.

Back to Feature Writing.

I am sure many of you, if not all of you have watched American Idol some point in your life right? And I am sure that many of you have heard the judges criticized a few of its contestant for not knowing what artist they should be, be it country, pop, rock n roll etc etc.

Same goes to Feature Writing. It is not only about writing in this case. Its about developing the writer in you. Who are you as a writer and what is your style. I have never thought about this before and truth to be told, I am still mystified on what kind of writer I am. The emotional one or the adventurous one? Poetic or Sarcastic? The Mitch Album style or Dan Brown style. The list could go on and on.

It is pretty exciting trying to find out what sort of writer you are. I mean, you thought you knew who you were in real life but in a writer's sense, it might be a different person altogether. haha. If I had to categorized myself now, I would put myself in the boring/emotional style which I hope and wished that it would not be permanent. haha.

Anyways, I'm pretty bad at fulfilling promises. I have not been updating my blog regularly to improve on my writing and it has..well, deteriorated =(

I've gotta start following this schedule again. Sigh. Self-discipline certainly needs an improvement.

Lea Michele is hot =)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

it has been going on for months. The cycle never ends. Whats next?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

When there are clouds in the sky you'll get by if you smile through your pain and sorrow.

Went through a bunch load of crap in the past week. It seems like communication always breaks down whenever I am trying to relay what I am trying to express..not only for personal relationships but also at college. I suddenly feel that I do not belong here at all and it feels like no one understands me. Thank goodness there's music. It's nice when you find yourself connecting to some songs, its like the singer is going through what you're going through.. And at times, they can be the best counselor in the world.

Love the lyrics. Glee rocks me world.