Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chapter 29 - Whose Line Is It Anyway

Ever felt like the world's gonna end for you?

Ever felt like things are always going the wrong way for you?

Ever felt like there are no more JOY and LAUGHTER in this world??

No worries..
I've got a cure for you guys out there..
Lo and Behold..

Whose Line Is It Anyway!

A great show to laugh all your problems out!seriously..been keeping me company on every weekdays from 5 to 5.30pm, Astro channel 711..

Everyone should watch it man..this is just a preview of what is install for you..a must watch..i repeat..A MUST WATCH!

What other way to get your problems out but to laugh em? =D

Friday, April 17, 2009

the past 9 days are just hell for me..
im bitter

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Chapter 28 - The Horror Doesnt Stop There

Yeap, that's right!

A couple of days after i've been discharged from the hospital, Im down with a fever and also the dreaded chicken pox!sighh..wonder when will this tirade of misfortune end??

With me going down to this bloody virus named after a chicken, im gonna miss alot of activites that im looking forward to do..namely captain ball, paintball, my dad's birthday and classes..not to forget, Mou Jian's temporary homecoming! @#$#%$#%%^$$%@%#$^%&^!!!
im sorry Mou Jian =(

Im really afraid of missing classes now..especially desktop publishing classes..involves things to do with computer applications which im not a pro in it..a total noobster in that field..sighh..i just hope i'll be able to go back to college in a week or so,earliest..

I've also been really uncomfortable since yesterday..i hope itz because of my chicken pox and fever not the bang on my head..i really do not wanna go back to the hospital..but with the complexity of the human body..i guess i need to go back for a second opinion on my brain so to confirm im really clear of trouble...

sighh sighh many plans and activities..went down the drain =(

till the next chapter..

P.s : Im sorry baby we had to cancel that dinner..but i promise u once i get better..i'll take u there for dinner!*sign with my blood* =P

Friday, April 10, 2009

Chapter 27 - Horror and Touched II

continuation from the previous post..

...I started to notice my are the structures of the whole ward..who were my neighbours and the hospital ward did not smell as bad as i thought it would be.

I was flanked on my both sides..on my right, there was an old man who well..supported Liverpool or maybe he was just someone who gambles on football,time and time again mumbling how could Liverpool on the far right was an appendix patient together with his family member who stayed all night with him..on my left,an accident victim who kinda broke his arm badly and later at night, a convict took the place on the far left..3 police were escorting him and he was cuffed with handcuffs on the bed whole night long..another surreal experience..haha..

I spent my night reading Eclipse and started thinking how lucky i was to only have my head banged up..i started recalling how i ended up hurting myself..

Mr Aaron called me to on the LCR monitor because the remote wasnt usual i would climb up the chair n on for him..unfortunately the chair wasnt really the stable kind of chair and it went of balanced..the metal at the bottom of the chair went up and my head went down first..then BAM..i was there sitting down..blurring..

I shuddered everytime i think of it..because it might have hit other more important parts of my body which is not protected by the thick layer of bones like my skull..what if it had hit my eyes?my nose? or even my neck? I would be in hell lot of trouble if that were to happen *touchwood* it got me thinking alot of i've said way earlier in the previous post..stuff that i should have done..unforseen things happens......

Shurgging off the thoughts..i went back to reading the book..and i finished it!man was i bored and with nothing else to do..i slept..

I was awaken by the nurse to checked on my blood pressure at 5 am @.@
Then at 6something @.x
Then at 7something x.x

Really potong steam..oh well..after the third time i was kinda awake d so i decided not to sleep n wait for the nurse to come n check my blood pressure again..and they did not come till 10something =.= ugh!

Around dad helped me got discharged frm the hospital and i was back to the open world again!I stopped by at college awhile to look for Mr Aaron to check on him..and also for Miss Jenny..just to tell her it has nothing to do with Mr Aaron and this accident was all down to me being really careless and clumsy but i couldnt find them in their i went home..hoping to get hold of them on mon..

And my baby is coming down to visit me again!wheee! =D

Later in the afternoon i got a call frm Miss Jenny..glad that everything is alright..and in the evening..Mr Aaron called..i was glad that he's alright..if you're reading this Sir, dont fine..everything will be alright!cheer up!=)

And that kinda ends the whole story..really...a new experience for glad i came out alive and i got a so called "man scar" that I can show off to my kids and grandkids next

Before i end..i wanna thank..

  • My parents for their unconditional care especially my mum..
  • Ma Babeh Shin for being there all the time..Love You!
  • Sher Lyn for being concern n calling Mou Jian n of course visiting me..thank you Baboon!
  • Shu Pei, Melody and Aniq for visiting guys cheered me up!
  • Yik Sean for coming to entertain me by buaya-ing the nurses..haha=D
  • Mou Jian for calling me all the way from Nilai..and also telling Chong yen that i have a concussion =.= hahaha..
  • Chong Yen for calling me and being worried bout me..
  • Rachel for calling me to check up on me too..thanks goose!
  • Ywen , Jon Toh n Daniel Lai for calling n texting me..
  • Joe Jin, Melissa,Vivien n Karen for texting me..
  • HCC staff for their concerns and gift..
..that's all right?if i missed out..please tell me k.. deeply touched by you guys..thanks so much!!

Till the next chapter..

Chapter 26 - Horror and Touched

I was sitting vision,blurred for a couple of seconds and i hear a familiar voice asking me to lie down.."Lie down and don't move," said a very worried looking Mr Aaron.

I didnt really know what hit me..all i could remember was me falling down from the chair, head first and BAM! I was seeing stars...well not exactly stars..

As i was lying down i moved my hand to touch my forehead and to my horror, i felt a curve into the frontal skull of my forehead..I knew i was in freaking deep shit..Lecturers started pouring in and one by one looked at me and gasped..It did not help the fact that i was scared to death and add in a few more gasped and the horror-ed looking faces of the lecturers, scared to death was an understatement at that period of time.

As i was lying down waiting for the ambulance to come, i was left in the hall with Mr Aaron..I was lying down but i still could see the guiltiness written all over his face and he kept talking with me, fearing that i would be unconscious..He kept asking me question and perhaps he even prayed to me just so i could be conscious while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. I was actually more than conscious..loads of things were running through my mind that very moment when i knew that there's a high possibility that i cracked my skull and it might affect my brain. A lot of things went around in my head..Loved ones, friends, future and..and stuff that i did not and should have done before it came to this point..i know it may sound cliche but if u were in my position, i might atleast be pardon to think so that way.

The thoughts made my body tremble a bit..thoughts of me not being able to do what i of it were will it ever effect me when i play sports? will i ever have some memory loss?I trembled even more thinking of not being able to be active in sports anymore..then i received a call from my mum..her voice was very worried and anxious..apparently the college manage to contact her..after telling her that i would be sent to GH,she immediately close the phone n went there..The ambulance finally arrived after 15 long minutes which to me felt like hours and I was a lil bit exhausted, perhaps due to the trembling.

I was a lil bit relax and also a lil bit scared travelling in the ambulance, first time travelling in it. Mr Chum, one of our admin officer followed me in the ambulance n he kept reassuring me things will be alright..and i kept asking, "Is my head really bad?" . He has that concerning look everytime i asked and every answer was " It is not that bad..don't worry."

Once we reached the hospital i was immediately sent to see the doc. Suprisingly, instead of working fast, the doctor kept talking to one of the nurses about karma in indian language while propping me up, at a slow pace..the indian doctor set me up and asked me some questions..after that i was told that i had a frontal fracture and all i could manage to ask was the same as always "Is my head really bad?"

"You have a fracture, that is already bad enough..we have to scan your brain." answered the doc.

Yeap,i was left there awhile, i could feel my whole face turning white with horror, the words "WE HAVE TO SCAN YOUR BRAIN" left me stunned and without a second more to dwell in my horror, a nurse appeared and said she has to insert one of the needle like thing into my tranfer the drips into my body just incase i go into a fit and i had to put on an oxygen tiub incase i have difficulty in breathing. My nose were burning when the tiub entered my wasnt comfortable at all with the additional thoughts im thinking,i was going through hell.

Not long after that, my mum came and she look worse than she sounded, i thought it wouldnt have hit her so hard but i was wrong..she was close to tears while she kept touching my body to look for any further injuries..that moment was the first time i felt like crying since the begining of this whole ordeal..before i could respond any further, i was pushed into the scanning room..

I was starting to get a lil bit restless and edgy on the CT machine..i kept moving about a lil and it took longer than it was suppose to be..after it was finally done i was so relieve and exhausted at the same time..but i do not dare to even think bout sleeping or dozing off for the moment as the doctor said earlier that i may lost my consciousness..i do not wanna lose my consciousness..i wanna know exactly what happen to me asap..while waiting for the doctor to come check the scanning results, my dad and few of his colleagues came. They went outside and talked alil bit about my condition with a person incharge..I was trying really hard to keep myself awake..with all the restlessness and edgy-ness of my whole body kicked out..exhaustion kicked in..eventually i dozed off a lil while.

I was awaken by a shake from a new doctor..he kept bombarding me with questions and later went to check the scans together with my parents and their colleagues..then only i realised that i dozed off..I was relieved that i did not lose consciousness..from afar i saw my parents talking to the doc n all..

After they finish mum said " The doctor said your brain is not affected because there is a second layer of skull protecting your brain..only your first layer of skull got fractured and cracked ---- but you will have a permanent dent on your forehead"

I did not really concentrated about the dent on my forehead and i was just so relieved that nothing bad happened to my brain..thank gooodness!

Later on i was asked to be admitted into the hospital for a check on my skull..whether if i wanna perform a plastic surgery to fix my dent part..i was relunctant after listening to the way the doctor described it..but no harm staying for one night...

Another wave of good things started to baby came! i was oh so relieved to see her..and the way she looked at kinda make me wanna do this over n over again just to see the look in her eyes again..just kidding..i was really happy and like i've said before relieved to have her by my side now..itz like the weight and worry that i was carrying was just cut into half..

I was then transferred to my ward while waiting for the second scan on my skull..this time for the plactic surgery purposes..i was pushed into the lift n all by was kind of a surreal feeling you know..i watch alot of doctors movie but I would never have dreamt that i would be in this position at this age of my yea..kinda surreal..made me feel like im in one of the Hong Kong TVB drama know i watch too much tv..

The nurses in my ward directed me to change into the patient clothing which was..enourmously huge for my size...sighh..couldnt complain much and went to change..when i was back..i was given a pleasant suprise..a visit from Sher Lyn, Shu Pei, Melody and Aniq! Very very suprised..haha..they kinda made my not much kind of a person who show affections but i was so touched by their presence..very touched mum left to take some clean clothes from the house for me..and i started receiving calls from Mou Jian and Chong Yen and messages from friends..they made my day..yes cliche again but they really do!

We talked awhile and not long after that i was asked to go for another scan and the four of them im only together with my baby..went for the CT scan,this time i was more cool n compose..knowing that i would be far..

We went back up to the ward after the scan and an unexpected visitor came..yes, Chong Yik Sean actaully came to visit me!I was like..WOW..haha..we crapped we talked and he buaya-ed some nurses there along the way..tsk was fun though talking to him..very entertaining..haha..

After he left, I still havent saw how i look like bad is the extent of the damage on my forehead..part of me wanted to go see for myself and another part..was kinda scared to see the outcome of after some thoughts..i went to see myself in the mirror..

I looked normal..just with a sligh bum on my head..but according to the doctor earlier..the dent wouldnt be visible now..perhaps later when the swell goes down and it'll be pretty much visible after that..kept imagining how'd i look like with a dent on my forehead..i shuddered thinking bout it..

All the probs were swept aside when Shin went to buy some food for me to fill my stomach..was really glad she was there till the visitation hours..couldnt have asked for more..thanks alot baby!My parents came back later with clean clothing and other necessities..

Moments after i was left alone..

I'll continue the rest of it on the next post..kinda tiring now and itz by far the longest post i've written..haha..
till the next chapter..