Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chapter 3 - So close

We're so close
to reaching that famous happy end
and almost believing this was not pretend
let's go on dreaming for we know we are
So close..
and still so far..

Quoted it from the song 'so close' by Jon McLaughin..itz a nice song by the way..well it is sort true in many ways that we are so close and yet so my case this year 2008 i actually do not see myself involving in a relationship after having a bad break up the year before..and i must say..this must be the best thing that happen to me the whole year round..though we celebrate new year thousand of miles apart but like the lyrics says 'let's go on dreaming for we know we close and still so far'..far apart we might be but emotionally we're together,connected under one sky..
Cheesy?perhaps..but itz true =)

On a brigther note..
had a great time last night out with friends watching The Beverlly Hills Chi hua hua and having supper..eventhough i have a slight fever..imagine a group of 'macho' guys watching actually not bad..and i got a list of names if i happen to have a dog in the future..fifi,foofoo,pookie,squirt,papi...list goes

2009 is just around the corner..
my own personal prediction for year 2009 :
  • i'll be rich
  • i'll finally get the hairstyle i want
  • i'll have the best time in college
  • Me and my girl will go strong for another year=)
  • Liverpool winning the EPL
  • due to the fact above, Joe Jin will be buying me a set of mcd(or something else..)
and the list goes on..dont wanna bore you out with my predictions..and where is the fun in that,knowing the what will happen in the future?lol..

HAVE A GREAT 2009!!!

til the next chapter..

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chapter 2

Itz been 3 days..but it felt like 3 weeks..
it is gonna be a long month ahead of me..but thank goodness i found a job to keep my mind occupied..yeap..i got a job, or sort of..itz 90% still not confirmed but most probably i'll get it =)..

Im gonna work at Haagen Daz in Queensbay..haha..gonna be close to all the expensive ice can say itz like a good choice?lol..surely itz much better than the Hush Puppies in Queensbay..sucky boss..

well i broke the news to my parents and they seem happy bout it that im gonna work..well im glad myself i can help ease the burden of my parents, second and the main objective why im actually working is to keep myself from sulking at it's sort of a good deal for me, don't you think?

yea the biggest prob i could face is juggling time between work and my studies..but i guess i could cope with that..i have to..i need cash and a place that i wont sulk the day off..

Chinese New year is just like a month away..need to buy a couple of new clothes..this year wun be spending so much on new years clothes due to the credit only a max of two shirts im gonna buy! i need a fashion guru to go with me..and who else but my dear goose, Rachel Yong Sue Jenn (dont say i didnt mention your name here=p)

so anyway i told my mum that im gonna buy some clothes..and it totally went astray from the topic..

Me :mum,gonna go out with rachel to buy some new year clothes...
Mum gone a few days go n find another girlfriend d??
Me :No..of course not..we're just very close friends tht is all..
Me : so i go out with her to buy my clothes k??
Mum :is she cyen's gf?
Me : 0.0 no..why u say so??
Mum :no ler..the other night 3 of u went out so...
Me :no la..go out only merr...
Mum :Why isnt she ur gf?she dont want you issit?
Me :*smacks head* =.=

okay might be lame but i find tht a lil funny myself..before this i even thought of talking to my mum bout all the sulky feelings i've been feeling..but after way...

so went ahead with the plan of shopping for new year clothes with rac..end up buying a couple of shirts at half price..wad a catch..guess itz beneficial coming out to shop with rachel for accompanying me..

well..i've actually been feeling better..though the wait is long and hard..but im not sulking that much anymore like i used to..i have been trying to fill myself up with things to finish up the New Moon and playing FM the whole day..i mean it does help the mood you missing my baby girl like mad..but im not feeling any sulkiness or the feeling of emoness..just missing her every second..full stop..and im glad im feeling this way and i really hope it will last...i just wish tht the day she step foot on the island will be soon..

well i guess thts it for now..
till the next chapter..

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chapter 1

I've been actually dreading for this day to come seriously..i know i know Christmas is the time for joy and happy moments..yea i agree..but this year i shall skip the joy and happy moments..

First thing i heard on Christmas morning is the squealing of a puppy..perhaps it got knocked by a was squealing in the middle of the road for almost 10 minutes..thank goodness for an old couple who picked the puppy up and put it at the sidewalk..but that is all they do..

an eerie silent suddenly took over the whole place after the puppy gave a last sound of squeal..the usual sound of the bird chirpping or wind gushing by werent there..just an eerie silent..i thought to myself..
"how great..what a way to start Christmas"

Why i dread for this day, you may ask?
My baby is leaving for a month plus to Taiwan..

I wasnt exactly proud of myself for the past few weeks building up to this day..i was sort of being very..controlling and pushy and of course a big fat jerk..perhaps it is the fact that she might be leaving again a few days after she touched down in Penang on Feb..or perhaps im just very controlling and pushy and a big fat jerk..i seriously i do not hope that i am that kind of person..

I reached the airport after having my late breakfast..while i was driving there i guess i have been doing alot of thinking because the journey to the airport seemed so short..itz like my subconscious mind took over me and i've become sort of like an autopilot while my thoughts flew to some other land..

I walked into the airport, taking a small step each time i walk..wishing and hoping that i wont bid goodbye so soon yet..

When I finally reached her,she was in her organization clothes..we couldnt even really have a time to talk at first coz she was busy with something let alone a hug..but i did get a peck from her secretly as she is under a strict rule i guess where there is no intimate moments allowed when she is wearing her..uniform..

I didnt know wad took over me that very moment when i saw my baby so excited..i was sort of let down by it..because i thought she wasnt excited to go to this i was sort of being a jerk when she talked to me..thank goodness..i realised it earlier before things got out of hand..see,i told you im a big fat jerk sometimes right?

the time to part ways have come..the biggest regret for the day is i couldnt give her a goodbye hug or she walked into the check point to the plane..i received a forwarded message bout Christmas..about how is it that is not all about the taking but giving..

well, this Christmas, i sort of gave away a huge chunk of my heart..coz my baby took it with her when she board the plane..

After watching her board the plane i went to Cyen's place just to hang out..just wanna get my mind of it..we hanged around till late evening with jjin and my two lil bros and not to forget cyen's big crazy

well i guess that's it for now..
till the next chapter..

Baby im sorry for what i've been lately..
if you're readin this im sorry k..
and i miss u every moment
of the day..

Friday, December 19, 2008

Not even a word of sorry


my whole laptop shuts down with everything still on..things being downloaded and etc..
guess wad he said?


not a chance..

know wad he said?i'll tell you wad he said..

"how can i know?you didnt tell me" laptop charger is black in colour and your wire is a freaking SILVER can u not differentiate that??and to say that i didnt tell can i tell u when u suddenly come from behind and just switch off the plug?i have spidey senses izzit? not mad coz i've lost wad i did the whole morning but im mad coz u did not even bother to mutter a word of SORRY but instead u can say two hurtful me sensitive but thts wad i am..

have you ever said sorry?pfft..not tht i remember..
guess wad?you just made my day..

P.s: thought i was luckier..
but i guess im not much different compare to u..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Im Back To Blogging..with a much shorter hair

Itz been like wad?a week since i last blogged?but it sure feels like itz been ages..there's just so much to update in this one week and im in a midst of where to start..

alritey..letz start with..

11th of Dec..
minus the emo blog i posted before was ac
tually one of our dear friend Teh Wen Ping's birthday..yea so we went to celebrate his birthday at a bbq steamboat restaurant with the gang..honestly speaking..i did not know tht it was his birthday so im really really sorry Wen Ping (if u're reading this)..yea back to the topic..i was the first to arrive and i booked the place..while waiting i saw a group of men in their 50s or 60s..they were bbq and just chatting away happily..there were actually 8 of them..few mins later they left and coincidently my friends came..and total us up together?it's 8 of us..i thought to myself.."can we be just like them in 40 years time?" man i sure hope we do..though the chances are slim but..i have a good feeling about it..=)

12th of Dec
Well tonight is the night me and me love of my life been waiting for..PROM..well not exactly prom but itz sort of like was actually my girl's Alumni was quite a rocky start to the day..had few problems but with her around me..however big the problem is,in the end it'll be solved..perhaps tht is why i just cnt live beside u baby!XP well..i'll just post some photos up..


Im glad we can take this not so glad i took this photo XD
oh well..she really has a nice voice =)


Our Prom..

I might be considered as crashing a prom..but it doesnt matter to me as long as my girl is by my side..not trying to get all musheee but like i've said before..if she's around..ntg seems to matter that much anymore..we're the prom virgins so this is our first prom..and dancing together at the end of the prom is just the icing on the cake on a wonderful evening..

13th of Dec

The guys are planning to cook the underground chicken again..and this time we bought two..went to chong yen's house to wash the chicken..and first time i was the chicken....
letz just say itz not a really pleasant experience..
mine is just the appetizer..someone had to penetrate the chicken with sausages and balls and cheese something something available at Chongyen's was and chat and do some crazy stunts till 12 something..another great day out with friends..hehe..

Well..i guess tht is all i can type for now..need to sleep..i have socio exam tomolo..and itz freaking 2.30am now..didnt really tree hill really rocks man..should go watch...!!lol..

till the next post..chaozzzzz~~

sometimes things may not be great..
or things may seem not right at place..
but bear this in mind..
im loving every moment of it..
because every moment of it is spent with you..
whether itz for good or for worse..
and that is all that matters to me..being together with you.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why are not thinkin bout yourself and also the people around you..instead u're thinkin of that person at a distant place..

why do u risk our welfare just to provide tht sum of money for that person every month although you know now times are hard..but i still do not understand..

is that person alone so important compare to us?

you told me itz emergency and please do not let me find out itz otherwise..
please do not let me find out that you're doing it out of guilt..

i know you love us but sending that sum of money away on the pretext its an emergency without any proof is just not good enough reason for me...

u might be telling the truth..but the jury's verdict is almost certain that you are not..
im just hoping that the jury is wrong bout you..