Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New Style

As we usher in the new year, 2010, some changes should be made on things around us thus, this would explain the new blog template and the url. My blog has been dead for weeks, sometimes months and the amount of my post for each month is as scarce as the amount of raindrops falling in the Sahara desert. This would all change come 2010 as i've got a few reasons why I should update my blog now and then.

I'm going to start my industrial training very soon and perhaps I might need to be ready for action on my first day of work. Honestly, I'm having troubles writing a good article, or a good essay these days. Last semester in college, I sometimes feel like I've lost my creativity in writing. I added no funk or spunk or krunk or whatever it is in the essay/article to make it more interesting, more fun to read. I used to be able to do that( i think) even if its not that good, but i do enjoy writing essays in the past. I'd blogged almost every single day in the past, but now, like i've said before, my blog is like a Sahara Desert and me, a very stingy Rain God.

So, the only way to stop the rot, is to start blogging again. Start writing. Type whatever shit I have in mind. Or get screwed by the editor, or worse, get kicked out and fail my training (thats actually the worst case scenario).

Yea, I'm pretty sure after my little story telling, you know why i changed my URL, right? I'm gonna update this blog ONCE every WEEK. Yeap. One time in seven days! It's a vow I'm going to fulfill. No kidding.

Every Wednesday there will be a new post up about whatever crap that's running through my head, so stay tune if you're interested!Chiaoz for now..I'm running out of ideas.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Blog Is Bloody Dead...

...and oh yea, i miss you