Friday, March 27, 2009

Chapter 25 - Living In Fear

Im sure that you guys out there watched movies like 28 days, I am Legend and all these zombies movies right? I am now living that kind of live for the past couple of days already..

My youngest bro is now having chicken pox and for my whole 19 years of life i havent been infected by it yet..i do not wish to get infected JUST YET..there is too many things to do gonna open in a week plus and so many activities comin having the lil things popping up my skin is a no no..

Ive been trying to quarentine myself in my own room for the past two days and im paranoid when i feel ithcy in any parts of my body..ugh..the tension is unbearable!itz a ticking time bomb..itz just a matter of time..and injection is a no no for me..i hate injections..sighhh!i need a place to saty for the next 2 to 3 weeks or so..anyone interested to put me up?lol..

anyway..zombie chicken pox aside..tonight from 8.30 -9.30..remember to switch off your light!do the mother nature a favour and give her a break aite!she needs some time out..and keep ur house safe!EPL chose the right time to take an international break..thank goodness =P

done with this chapter..
till the next one..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Chapter 24 - Back from Hibernation!

Itz been like almost 2 weeks since i last updated my blog..exams, open days, trips and laziness are among the factors why im not typing away at this blank box.

Well..itz been kind of a turbulent period of time for me the past few weeks..been through the stages of anxiousness, joy, hilarious,pek chekness and a companion that seems to follow me everywhere, disappointment.

right, the first thing that i've learnt in this period of time is to CONFIRM everything with your collegemates..i missed my moral exam..due to some so called unforseen circumstances..99% of the reason why i missed it,itz actually down to me but the remaining one is..MAYBE, just MAYBE i feel that im at the wrong offense,though i love my friends there..yes especially you two there..but i still feel that this is not right for me..especially in terms of my im not looking down on anyone or playing up my abilities ( if i have any) but itz just not communicating well with alot of people here..sigh..still itz no reason for me to miss my i take back what i said bout 99% and change it to 100%! but thank goodness the lecturers are nice there, i still have the chance to right my of the salvations i have in my college now..

Next would be bout my open day...i sometimes doubt whether my college is really having an open day or a food fair..theres stall selling foods and drinks (im one of them)..not only that..there are stalls selling cameras, make up accessories and some promotion on body slimming thing!was kinda caught off guard by all these..why didnt they do it last year..hmm..oh well..was kinda fun..learnt how to make chrysanthemum tea..haha..and oh requires lotz of patience..especially working with kidding..Van can be a really good sales person..she can just walk around n ask (or maybe scare) them to buy the tea..and it works!although on the first day it didnt taste that good..but it was still fun and im glad itz over =) (in a good way)..

After the whole open day fiasco, itz 3 weeks break for me..and what better way to kickstart it then to go down kl the next day with my girl! =) stayed at my sis's place while helping my baby to settle her taiwan application stuff..before i's some pics

We're in KL baby!

Dying list : brands to buy before i die..
Grannie Karen!

right..i might be arrested for saying this but the government must really be more efficient n be less incompetent when it comes to the small things such as being systematic n efficient coz these small things would add up to big things..the public transportation espeically the ktm is really...really horrendous..tsk tsk..oh well enough bout the bad stuff..putrajaya is really nice..but sadly itz only for the government seriously looks like a big,advanced technological amusement park..but when you go big disappointment man..and and..the taxi people wan k!i mean literally..bring back the metre system!!another thing bout kl is if you do not have any car u practically cnt survive and my baby learn it the hard way..but it was nice walking around the big cities..i thought penang was big n busy man was i ever so have to walk around in kl and u get what i mean..then we had dinner with Grannie Karen at Sunway Pyramid..memories from the KL trip with the PFS gang in 2007 started to ring in..ahh..sweet ol memories..=)

After doing most of the important things we hung out around a few of KL shopping centres..Berjaya Time Square..Pavillion..Mid Valley..too bad we do not have more time to hang around longer..oh well..itz still sweet memories..hehe..and staying in my sis's place for a few days really got me thinking..perhaps i could do my degree down here at KL,staying with my sis...but i have to get pass a very very big obstacle..sighh..oh well..still a year plus left..will think of that later..then there is the road back home to penang..we were sort of forced to go up to a bus..and midway we have to change bus..ish..should have bought tickets from the booth..we slept most of the time in the bus..almost missed the juru station that baby get to go

and yesterday..we reached another milestone being together!hehe..9months baby..woots..spent it drinkin starbucks hot chocolate and watch movie in laptop..and not to forget..eating lotz n lotz of belacan chicken =D

moving the past 2 weeks..itz been very exciting for Liverpool Football Club as they beat Real Madrid 4-0 and after that, a 4-1 trashing at the devil's very own backyard!woots!!to mae things even sweeter, they lost to Fulham 2-0 the following game and the Reds army marched on with a 5-0 trashing of Aston Villa the following have never tasted this sweet before..and well..we might not win the title this season but we did the double over the devils this season didnt we??then again..there's still hope in winning the title!!

Captain Fantastic flying high!

now comes the disappointment part..honestly i was quite sad..disappointed by the way u thought of me..perhaps i couldnt blame you because YOU were never in this position please never judge me this way..i treat u sincerely and i thought there were still hope n chance..i've been looking for the window when u closed the door on me..but guess what,im not looking for it hurts when i know the truth,i guess i deserved this..once it was important to me who i was in ur eyes..but now..whether im a useless person or a dog in ur eyes..i do not mind anymore as i do not care what u think of me anymore..and btw, u have no right to call me a dog..i will bitch around whenever i like wherever i want..

till the next chapter..

im awake...i hope!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chapter 23 - Counting Down The Days

Do you know how someone feels when they are told that they have only a few months to live?

I Do...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009






Monday, March 2, 2009

Chapter 22 - Inspiration

You know whats the latest problem i have in my life right now?other than shortage of cash and being a hell of a procrastinator, i lack inspiration..

Being in the field that im studying in now requires alot of creativity sparks and all of those comes from inspiration..well hey,im finding it freakishly hard to complete this post and im only at the second paragraph..

This prob has been followin me as long as i could've remembered..all through primary to secondary up till now in my college year..oh dang..someone,anyone give some sparks of inspiration to the creativity part in my brain!helppp..!!

ANYWAYS...i went to college this afternoon to hand in my major form or whatever you called that..i stumbled upon a couple of my classmates and they told me tht im the only one who is going to take journalism..and if this goes on,they might not even open a class for me..and that means..i would have to take PR or another words..a broader and wider sense of creativity and that would mean that i need more inspiration!oh damn oh damn..and to make things of the lecturers pronounced my name as Kitisak in front of the whole MassCommunication im dubbed as the male Hello Kitty..thank goodness i aint there to witness my coronation as Hello Kitty's other half..oh sure my girl would love it..right baby?lol =p

well i guess that's all for now..gotta go back to doin my moral assignments..yes i know sher,u've done it and i havent..
till the next chapter..