Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Circumstances suck.. i've said..circumstances suck..i mean..circumstances destroys everything!from relationships to work to etc etc etc......okay maybe i might be exaggerating but then again..think about it..what destroys friendship or relationship?jealousy?misunderstanding?u might be right but it all boils down to a word called circumstances..we have choices in life..most of the time we will indirectly make them without us even noticing it..jealousy could be an example..if u could choose would u choose to be jealous?i guess not right?if u said yes then i guess u wanna be a big green monster...yea so get my point?

and i really suspect that i am cursed...i could have a great time the whole day...a really great time...and before the day ends..something bad will happen to me and bring all my happiness down on the trying my best here not to be a pessismistic..but trust me im wearing thin down to my end suppose to blog bout something nice and fun today but i guess my taste have been ruined now..great...

this sucks to the max..!!
and to think that things couldnt get any worse..
im sick now...
wtf is wrong with my luck??
wadz next?
see some supernatural beings???

Thursday, October 16, 2008

this doesnt feel right at all.....
not at all....

My first 4 points...

just got back from my first competitive basketball game...and i manage to get four points!and also manage to get a block..not bad d kay for a first timer..i know itz ntg much of an archievement yet..but will surely improve on tht...YI-WEN just u watch!hahha..

had a pleasant girl actually went!and her finals is like the next day...
so i was really happy she came...was glad actually..
she might be behind the 4 points tht i earn..

so yea...first competitve basketball match n we lost badly..but we will bounce back!


guess tht's it...
till the next post...choazz....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rain rain rain rain......

as i was looking out the window..i saw birds...trying their very best to fight against the rain droplets..and yet sometimes they make it look so do they do that?i don't remember learning bout birds flying against the force of the how do they do it???????? just bored....
my heads like gonna explode...
doing all the basics news value stuff...arghhh!!
help me!!

Im Sorry =(

To a friend name Lee Yi Wen ..

im very sorry i did not mentioned your name..
it just slipped out of my mind a moment there...
i promise that this won't happen again..
dun angry yea..
=P =P
Free Handbag

girls..these is your chance to grab a free handbag in a once in a lifetime oppurtunity!
so get going and click on the link!
no scam or anything..
im just doing this on my girl's order =.=
Okay..for the first time after so long in college (or was it the second time?) i've been freaking busy!!oh man........time is like so valueable..even if i have 9 days in a week,it wun suffice for me..assignments..competition..and many more..haha..

so anyway..guess who i met yesterday in INTI?
*went there to accompany my baby studying and do my assignments and eat lotz and lotz of junk food..*

i met.......


Yeap yeap..met her and talked to her and was just a few feet away from her..well..though i wasnt really drooling over her *but lun xiang did..he even got tongue tied! lol* she still do have some celebrity status so i was for a moment there...actually we're not suppose to take her pic wan..must sign up for some stuff only can take pic with took this pic without anyone noticing her (can be a future paparazi d)..poor lun xiang..u should see his face when he couldnt take any pic with tan session..all went back to normal when kevin came down and there goes the fuss bout hannah tan the craze me and me girl went some where to study in inti..really do have good facilities..more high tech than han chiang..(i still love you han chiang..i think =p) then we hang around there till like 6 something 7..went for dinner then sent her back to the hostel..tht is pretty much bout everything on tht day..

before i end the day..i thought back what my socio lect
urer miss ooi taught us..and i ask cruel can this world be???now..everytime i walk out from the socio class..the way i see the world change..cultural shock and violence that is happening behind the closed door..honestly im still shaken from the effects of the class..itz a mind nimbling experience or whatever u call it..


today i fetched me girl and jyee to register for their
ielts (did i spelt it wrongly?) exam in pulau after registering and all went to gurney a lil while for the korean fair and for some lunch..well it was a much smaller scale than i expected..bought a few packets of korean noodles there..can eat it instantly or can cook it..up to cool is that??lol...they had some performances by a dance group called b first i thought it would be nice as korean are good at dancing...but i forgot a point...they're good at dancing but they are better at break yea..95% of their dance is break much for my excitement..i don't really like a full scale break dancing here n there still the same wan..booooorrrrriiinnnggggg!

so we went for lunch at a taiwanese restaurant in
gurney..very nice is so so and for the first time i drank pearly milk tea and i love it! =D here are some pics...

nice light

retarded me and blur jyee =D

the food that both of the ladies ate..
this is what i ate..

and last but not least..

us =)

so after we leaved and went back to her hostel and going to accompany her to study somewhere around her college..hehe..suprisingly we met with joel and jon toh and wen ping and marcus with their classmates i assume..doing some projects assignments...i was happily watching What Happens In Vegas..very very funny..should watch it!so sent her back and i went home..then i came to me girl's hostel study room and accompany her to study while im doing this blog..well am sort of guilty for not doing any work today..tonight must pia till like crazy d..argghhhh...but itz all worth it as i can spend some time with her..hehe...

well i guess tht's all for now...
till the next post...

ulcers are killing me...
experts says kissing can heal ulcers...
izzit true???
only one way to find XD

Sunday, October 5, 2008

You know...whenever i start blogging i really hate this part..the beginning's perhaps im really bad at starting things up..figuring what ways and how to start talking about something..eventhough i have alot to say..but whenever i come to this early always stuck..sometimes i take around half an hour to figure out bout what to write..or sometimes i just wouldnt bother to write it out at's not warmed up bout the first part..

same goes to the other few aspects of my daily life..i do not like to start from the bottom when u're working..i do not like having the first group discussions when we need to do assignments..and etc etc...but heck we always have to go through this phase..i can tell u that i am NOT enjoyin this front period of the post..perhaps my vocab n stuff is not really that good yet or grammar or whatever u call just not enjoyin this..u know wad?im in the mood to type out some craps and nonsense and some funny thoughts thats running through my head right im not being emo or anything (usually people associate this behaviour as emo-ness) but im just...errmmm..bored?yea..bored..even i have loads of assignments to do..but im bored..

i realised i've changed in the past few weeks..there's good and there's bad as well..the good part being happier and more content with my life love life to be exact..i wasnt exactly thinking straight then..being sad and all..i was sort of going back to my old self..the high school self..the ones with the not-so-matured-thinkin kind of guy..thinking that if i stay depressed and all..i will get what i want..but i was wrong..and lucky to have a wake up looking back..i compare my oldself to a 7 year old kid i used to remember..a 7 year old kid who couldnt get what he wants and whine till he gets what he wants..honestly,i was sort of disguested..i was disgusted with my attitude,with my thinking and selfishness then..thank goodness i realised what was wrong..i realised..
  1. being down and depressed is not a way to solve things..
  2. mean every word u said..every promises u made..
  3. if you love that person..let them do what they want to do..even if it means not being together..
i do not wanna sound like the same old love-blogger-kind-of-guy but..never say i love you unless u mean it..dont say it out of obligation but say it if u mean it..coz when u say it when u mean it..u'll have a very nice feeling..u'll know..

now for the not so good news is that i have not been a very good friend to my closest girl-friend..yes..i know im sorry i've been ignoring u n all..due to all the circumstances in life..but trust me..if i could make it up to u in the future..i would..if u're reading this my friend..i know u wouldnt wanna get ur hopes up high...i understand..but dun lose hope in us..being close friends for most of high school years is something special for me..i've lost one very close friend and i dun intend to lose another..

life's so far been treating me well and not well..but come to think of it..i've been blessed..though i do not have the riches of david beckham or donald trump..but i have a blessed family(although sometimes they are not that bless=p)..someone i love..friends..i have what some people can only dream sure most of u all out there have all these..a note to my troubled friend..count ur blessings man..i do not know how to say this but u have a whole new wonderful thing that is going on around you..time to let go n start living a life..u're only 18 once so enjoy it..

so tht is all for my random bla blas today..
till the next post..

Keep me in your heart
and go see the world..
once you're done
come back to me..
i'll be here waiting for you

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Itz the first day of Raya!!...not it means anything to me..other than me getting an extra day off from college..hehe..was suppose to go n have a game of football in PFS..but i went late a lil bit..yes a lil bit only coz my laptop came early in the morning...imagine the guy looking at me like i've just came out of a hungover the night really happy and glad that i've finally got the laptop...


My laptop came with a small-cutie pinky colour mouse...
i asked the guy "....why pink??"
and he answered.."sorry la..i was in the rush..i thought it was red so i picked it.."


so anyway..after all the fuss bout my new laptop i head out to play football..ahhh..wad a great day for football i thought...and i was never so wrong..once i reached there and got down the first touch of the ball was the most painful one i had since god knows when..Joe Jin kicked the ball straight up at my..well..two yea..itz a case "When Ball Meets the Balls"..and itz at a freaking point blank range!!so yea..the field was wet..and im the latest one who arrived there and yet im the wettest and dirtiest there coz i have to roll down on the floor and cry and cry for pain..and guess wad?


The bloody football still havent got enough of meeting my poor meat balls..yea so i got hit again..and as usual..i rolled down again..and there are more laughters..there i go..getting dirtier...not only tht..i've been hit on my tummy..kneed on my head...fall and land on my ass and well the list goes in isnt a really good day for playing football..haha..

alrighty..i guess tht is all for my post now..gotta go prepare for lotz of assignments stuff d...busssyyyyy!!!
till the next post..