Sunday, August 31, 2008

Little Wonders by Rob Thomas

I knew this song exist long time ago..but didnt really listened to it till today when i watched Meet The Robinsons..for those who havent watched it or anytin yet..go watch it!itz really nice! and the lyrics r pretty enjoy it =)..

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happenings of late

Well well back to blogging again...

itz funny u know how it feels sometimes u're trap in ur own world..and with so many events happening,u thought u've been in there for a very long time..but itz only beeen a day..i've been having that kind of feeling now..and i have no idea why..sometimes i would just let my mind drift away for a moment..even when im riding the bike!imagine tht..ughh..wadz getting into me??but oh far the probs i've had has started to clear up slowly and i hope itz goin to go on a constant pace..but then again..a wise man once said "what do you get once u solve a problem?...a BIGGER problem"..couldnt agree more with that..

alrite..on a higher note..yesterday was probably the best time i had in college after almost 6 months in college..i really managed to gel in with other classmates though we're not tht close but itz i had this class called sounds boring doesnt it?think again..the teacher is really a cool teacher with an american tone..i guess..or was it british?oh doesnt matter..all in all..she is like a very open minded teacher and there is this ice breaking sessions in the class..we're suppose to write 5 statements bout ourselves and she'll pick 20 random students to come out n tell out the we boys did make some noise(though i made the least) she had to call out my name and say we're making lotz of noise..i was!for the first time after 6 months,finally a teacher said i was being noisy in class..i was...ELATED! we went to intro n bla bla bla...some people told some funny stuff bout themselves and it was a great time in her class..couldnt wait for it...haha..

after class i went out to meet my babystingray..poor her..she is sick..but tht doesnt stop her frm watching Money No Enough 2..haha..well..i have to say..singapore's production of movie is on the tht sort of sums up wad i think bout the movie...Malaysia should learn from the neighbouring countries and start getting themselves some recognition in the international stage for some other stuff other than squash and badminton..i mean come on la...the government can have the so called cluster school for their so called cluster students like for example my old school Penang Free School..this school is a once famous school..but now..itz all withered down to nothing..once they have installed a new principal after Mr Arabi Sulaiman, well..the school since have been on the road to the has-been land...especially with the latest principal now..sighh..alrite..better not say more..or not i'll be emotionally drawn to this and things could be ugly..Penang Free School have left me more scare compare to sweet memories..the only sweet memories i had there was with good riddance...

after the movie babystingray stopped by my house and had dinner and supper..she had to stay over coz she was really sick n yea my mum bought "khor teh" for her which she eventually gobbled it down with much happen which brings me to the news that MU lost to Zenit in the European Super Cup..well..what else can i say?Expected..and to think Paul Scholes would wanna be like Maradona with his Hands Of Gods goal..he might be..but sadly..itz not his time..perhaps he will be like career..being fat and having lotz of health

alrite..i guess that is all for now..
so till the next post..chaozzzzz!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I think i woke up at the wrong side of the bed..
im not feeling myself today...really out of color..sighh...and i fell down the stairs...again!like wth man??is karma really out to get me??ughhhh..could this day get any worst??....and u know uttering those will=.=

Work by Jimmy Eats World..

Suddenly remembered this song after viewing c.yen's blog..he wrote bout a song sang by Jimmy Eat World..but i only know this frm the band and itz a great song for

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Traffic Lights Are Out To Get me.. how the title goes...i feel tht the traffic lights are out to get me today..wheneveri almost reached the traffic light it'll just pop to red..wth man..perhaps u might say itz conincident..but how can u go through the same thing with 6 traffic lights in a row and say itz coincident...i smell conspiracy...CONSPIRACY I TEL YOU!!

or perhaps itz karma...havent been treating my bros well...but...come to think of it..when do i REALLY treat them well? i an evil bro..wakakkaaka!

Mortal Worst Enemies!

Mortal worst enemies are.....


Yes...them bloody ulcers....i despise them...!!!!!!!!
arghthhh!!going crazy.....@_@

Monday, August 25, 2008

A New Beginning..

Bing Bang Boom!

There goes 3 weeks plus of my sem a blink of an eye..there goes my lazing,snoozing more lazing...and more snoozing holidays...sighhh..time flies when u had fun..oh well..atleast i did went out with my this holiday can be considered not bad =)

Alright...wanna know something?
i finally drove out of Penang my ownself!
yes i most of u peepz out there..this might not be an archievement..but it sure is to me..why i drove out to penang u may ask?i went to find stingray..hehe..suprisingly i took only half an hour plus to reach her place..damn bangga d k..provided this is my FIRST time driving out of penang(man i just couldnt stop saying this..=p) well..after hanging around awhile at her house..we went straight to the new JUSCO tht has just been opened!one thing for sure they have alot of new cafe's and restaurant there..and there's the Big Apple!for those who doesnt know wad Big Apple is..itz a shack that sells...donuts and coffee..originated from US..well..they didnt say so...but Big Apple...New York...Statue of Liberty on the logo of the shop...make any sense?haha..then we went food scouting all over Jusco..well..not really all over but we did ate alot of stuff..ranging from breads to fast forward to the night session..had dinner with shinrui's family at a choo cha place..the food is very nice..but im still a lil (actually very) nervous around the family..having jitters..but oh well..itz normal right?haha..then after dinner i drove back to penang to fetch my dear grandmother-turn-sister karen..*happy i call u sister now?*haha..
she changed her hairstyle and now she look very..young and dangerous..haha..itz a good title for a movie u know..haha..okok..well fetched her home n i went home and tht is probably the end of the day...eehehe..

fast forward to the next day karen came to fetch me to autocity and we met up with stingray,jyee and kevin there..we had cheese fondue there!wow oh sure taste good...and itz suprisingly very cheap!only rm21.90 for a cheese fondue!itz gold!should be call a gold fondue instead of cheese fondue..........blah im crapping nonsense again..
after the whole cheese fondue fiesta..we went to Jusco..again...
yea...walked around and we bought the Big Apple Donuts!woohoo!
yea..imagine 5 people sharing donuts...
okay..i take that back..dun imagine...itz really hard to fathom wad we did that then again..i could not deny tht the donuts were i know why the cops in US loves to eat donuts...and tht explains their size...
that night which is last night coincidently was the Olympics closing we watched..the only main attraction for me was Leona Lewis and David Beckham..until...i saw Wang Lee Hom!and just only for a split second!damn it!damn RTM1!!!wad did Wang Lee Hom do to u????okay..i sound like a crazy school girl but im not...itz normal to be like this when u see wang lee hom right?i guess the guys will probably answer no...but heck!
after the closing ceremony we watched Love Guru..
it was dirtily funny!
man..seriously everyone should watched it!
especially when Justin Timberlake is in it...
and well..there r some phrases that are really really funny in there..just that i cnt fully remember it...
all i can remember is..~DamN~~
lol... itz fair to say that my 3 weeeks hols ends with a bang..
BYE BYE sem break...
HELLO college...*dreads*

till next post..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Before it's too late...

Last night was the Board Of Prefect's Orientation and a few other fellow old prefects were invited to go to the was held in Copthorne Orchid(dunno if i spelt it right) this year..well..the food there wasnt really that nice compare to the one they served last year in Paradise HOtel..some of the old prefects were yearning for the cheese fish and grilled lamb we had last year..sadly this year we had chickens which tasted like KFC chicken which had been dipped into an unknown(but suprisingly nice) sauce and chunks of lamb stew which consist mostly of as predicted we immersed ourselves with food..when i said we immersed we really do immerse in it..non stop eating..i couldnt even walk properly because i was overloaded with food and the fact tht earlier in the morning i went playing football after like a month of not playing doesnt help at like a overloaded truck of food with a puncture tyre...haha..

so anyway..there were some performances by the Temps and some funny video clips of the Perms being shown to entertain the crowd tht night..but the biggest event was the slideshow produced by our very own Mohd "Denzeen Washingthongs" Razeen and Kevin "The PaPa Bear" Seow..haha..their slideshow was the performance of the night..atleast for the old prefects and especially me..the slideshow is like all the memories we had during our time in the board..with so many things happening in my life after high school,i almost forget how much fun i had with my friends in the board..those times were irreplaceable..the times we skipped class just to hang out in the board..the times we did raids on hotspots where students loves to lepak..the times when we had spotchecks..or just simply the time we go crazy n playful in the board..those were the good times..honestly speaking..the whole thing almost moved me to tears..

while watching the slideshow..something struck me..i must do something bout the friend that im about to lose..before this i thought i could just leave it all to time to help deal with it..but no more..itz time to make a move..a friend once told me..someone has to step up to be a bigger with lotz of uncertainty awaits me..i must do somethin before itz too late..before i regret for losing a friend..for not trying...i wish all will go well...

well..i guess tht is all for the post now...the pictures of the dinner i will upload it after i get it..
till the next post...chaozzzz~~

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Itz been awhile....

.....since i updated my blog... now into my second week of my semester break and man this week is the worst!in terms of stuff to do...almost everyone in college now is havin their yea...other than finalising my PTPTN loan stuff..i only snooze and lay like a dead dog at home..and oh ya..this might sound lame..but due to the boredom cause by this sem break,i've started to get back into the game of POKEMON...yes, be exact the shiny gold version something something(recommended by my bros)..yea..i can now see those who are reading this post now start to put me into the lame and childish category...but itz not entirely my fault!im bored to death and my zeal is nearing,the game is quite a alrite..before i throw my social status any lower i'll talk bout other stuff...

oh ya..last sun i went out for dinner with rachel and suli...itz nice catching up once in awhile..though itz like been months since the last time 3 of us met together..we just click instantly..sitting in Subway and talk for like a few hours..reminiscine bout the past...hahah..we should do this more often(Rac and Su if u're reading this..)

apart frm tht..i've got a good friends are actually cool with me!seriously before all this..i thought i was the world's most hated people anyway,things were cleared and stuff when i went to ATC...i was expecting the worst when i went there but i was pleasantly suprise when eiven and cyen was like (yo A**) yea i guess those who know me know is the rest of the words..ANYWAY, i was kind of glad tht i went to the camp...i sort of gain back my friends..except for 1..oh can't be needs time..

lately i've just been really mang chang and i've been kind of rude to my dad..sigh..i regret wad im doing but then again...there are just some things that i cnt control..perhaps itz coz of the past...sigh..sometimes i couldnt stop but ask...why cant my dad be like some other dads..i mean i seriously have never had a son-dad conversation before,son-dad day out,son-dad this and bros had it..but i dont...i mean my dad tried to do all tht..but just couldnt gel in with him u see...itz cause of some past conflicts and stuff like tht..though itz ong been forgiven but not yea...i envy those who have that kind of dads...i know itz wrong
but i just cant seem to stop thinking bout it...sighhhhhhh =(

now to the brighter side of is coming again!!wooohoooo!!!EPL is la la~~i cnt wait for this sunday's match..liverpool vs sunderland..gooo liverpool!You'll Never Walk Alone!and after this fri shinrui's exam is over!with tht i can say im out of the boredom's exile!hhehe...

so i guess i'll jsut stop the post
till the next post...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just tagged by ShinRui...

1. Kiatisak
2. Kia
3. Kasitaik

1. kia

1. eyes - to see all the beautiful things!
2. ears - to hear all the wonderful things!
3. mouth - to eat all the tasty things!

1. brain..coz need to think
2. legs..coz need to walk
3. hair..coz too messy

1. Thai blood
2. Chinese
3. .....Malaysian!

1. Losing things that are important to me
2. Ghost

1. Oxygen
2. Water
3. Electricity

1. Kanga 05 tee..
2. Beach pants
3. Underwear

1. Justin Timberlake
2. Mika
3. Leona Lewis

1. Big girls - Mika
2. Witch doctor - Alvin and the chipmunks
3.Stand by you- Carrie Underwood

1. Love
2. trust, honesty and mutual understanding of each other
3. Freedom

1. looks..
2. attitude..
3. some flaws..(i dun wanna like a robot)

1. Football
2. Basketball
3. Lazing and hanging around (im a sloth)

1. Find some stuff to do!
2. Find something to eat!
3. Finish this tag...

1. Tv Host
2. Air Steward
3. A musician( that plays only instrument and never sings)

1. UK
2. Australlia
3. any part of the world other than Malaysia

1. Get married
2. Have children
3. Live a simple life

1. a banana and two grapes...need i say more?
2. hairy legs
3. come see me then u know la...

1. I do window shoppings..
2. I take time to dress up?
3. errr....come see me then u know la=)

1. Easaw
2. Sherlyn
3. Debra
4. HuaiMing
5. Mae Yin

Holidays so far..

...has been quite boring...
actually i wanted to earn so money by getting into the baby sitting business..
i mean..hey i have two lil bros tht i take care of when they were babies and when they are at the peak of their annoyhood..and im uncles to many nieces and im qualified rite... din work out coz im a guy and u dun trust a guy near kids unless they are family..
quite true actually..u dun see guys becoming a kindergarden teacher rite?
and wadz wrong with guys being a kindergarden teacher actually??
i mean itz nothing inethical or immoral..itz better than robbing a bank..heck more and more women now is into robbing banks..why not guys in getting a job as a kindy teacher??the pay is good,itz not that hard of work..worst case scenario is that u have to clean the poop after some of the kids did their business..
i duno why im talking bout this..perhaps the holidays boredom is getting to my head...
oh ya i broke my i thought..while i was playing basketball the ball kind of land on my pinky(the last finger) make things worse..there were two fellas tryin to wrangle the ball away frm me..right after the ball hit my hurts pretty bad..
after the whole game..i cnt bend my finger and the whole finger..well almost the whole finger turns purplish in colour and swallon..hahah..shinrui said it looked ugly but i think it looks kind of cute in a
so the next day i went to the hospital for a check up on the lil guy..waited for 2 bloody hours to see the doc..and after looking at it and touching it at bout 5 mins..he said it might have fractured and i have to get an xray for it..
fine.. din have an xray yea..waited an additional of 2 hours to get the xray done..loads and loads of people waiting..when it comes to my turn..i was attended to by...2 girls that look younger than me!they were giggling, laughing and after half an hour..the xray on my finger was i thought..i was called in for another xray...coz they din really get time these two girls are accompanied by what looks like a more senior doc..
the doc asked the girls to do..and guess what they answered...
"i don't know how to do lahh.."
my whole eyes opened wide and
i was lik telling myself.."WTF????U DUNO HOW TO DO???U'RE A BLOODY DOC!"
luckily i wasnt in an operation where it involves scapel and stuff lik tht...
if i did..i would have just prepare my own coffin..
i mean..though u're new there..but cnt even do an xray?i thought even the nrses could do it..
oh well..the good thing bout them is tht they r courteous and i couldnt be that freak out...bagi muka mah...
so finally after the xray came out..have to go n see the doc again..and after waiting for an hour again...he finally said..oh there wasn any fracture..just a ligament tear tht will heal itself together with some pills...

after almost 6 bloody hours i just need pills???
uggghhh..can this get any worse...
just to pay or the bill i have to wait for another half an hour to 45 mins...
when i reached home itz almost 5... i spend almost the entire day in hospital great..cnt tell u which hospital..or not i'll get sued for bloggin this..hahah..

so now im back to growing fungus...anyone wants to buy??lol..
so till the next post..chaozzzz~~

Monday, August 4, 2008

Latest craze.....

okay..lately im crazy bout a few of mika's songs..i don't know why...hahah..very to mika...till the next post...chaoz!!