Saturday, January 23, 2010

Misconceptions of the 'lonely' songs

[Warning: This will be an emo/whining/sad post. If by reading this, will make you think any lesser of me please do not continue on. If it does not make you feel so, you may continue or if I am already a lesser being to you, you're welcome to indulge in my misery. Thank You.]

How many of you have heard of lonely songs before? I think (and I dare to say) all have, in one form or another.

Now, how many have listened to lonely songs and sometimes feel that its so cliche, tasteless and repetitive? I am pretty sure there would be many (Me included).

Right, how many have listened to it, and feel emo and all those crap just to garner attention (presumably from girils, for the guys perspective)? This I can say, a lot (and again, me included).

So, based on my simple observation, all these sad, romantic, emo, down or whatever you call it songs gets it unfair share of criticism. I mean, the songwriters must have received lots of stick from people for writing sad and miserable feeling songs about breaking up, someone leaving and so on and so forth.

These criticisms actually are not directly directed to the songwriters (I do not know what I really typed in the paragraph before this), it is more directed to those people, who listens to it, and do not really indulge in the song. Instead, they use it to gain attention from their peers or as a tool for hitching up chicks. Its pretty sad when this happens. I know why people do that though, it works at times, especially if you're one heck of a pathetic fella (yes, i admit i was pathetic last time.)

Sometimes, or should I say most of the time, songwriters wrote their songs from what they gone through and it is real. It should not be used as a tool to be emo. You wanna emo, sit a corner by yourself and listen it by yourself. Don't bring others in with your down/sad/miserable looks Respect the songwriter, dude.

Lately, I've been listening to lots of these sad songs. And lots today because the Sultan of Johor passed away (R.I.P your Highness) and Fly.Fm have been playing sad and slow songs a lot today. It made me think while listening to the songs. I can feel what the family members feel. Sad. Same goes to those who lost their beloved love ones in the dragon boat tragedy. Some of the songs can put you in their shoes. It is not hard to put yourself in their shoes. We are all humans. All we need to do is just open up. Think what would they feel, when someone you cared so much, gone forever just like that. Then, you would understand songs like No Promises by Shayne Ward or Like You'll Never See Me Again by Alicia Keys.

No matter how long you are seperated from your loved one, be it a day, a week or a year, you'll feel empty. I know I do. I have to admit something though, sometimes, I do not understand one of my close friend's sadness of her leaving her bf behind, only for 10 weeks and I am here, not gonna meet mine (gf not bf) for atleast another 17 months. Hell, I would trade places with them anytime man. After thinking about it though, it struck me that, I once have to be without my girl for a month, I am even more devastated than that. Perhaps, this is human nature. For them, those 10 weeks might be like 10 months. Though it may sound like a short time to some people, it does not to them. Cause, these two people are in the relationship, not us. So, they know what and how they feel, not us. Same goes to my case. 17 months might be a hell of a long time to me, but, it beats those who has to wait their whole life just to meet their loved ones. Those people are those who lost their loved ones. For some religion, to meet them, you have to wait for your time on this wretched place to stop ticking before you could move on. Sounds like a hell lot worse compare to mine. However, like my close friend's case, you could not take that feeling of seperation from me as to me, it is painstakingly long.

So, I dare to say that, now, I fully grasp the concept of sad love songs. It is what the writer go through and he or she has the gift to put it down in not only pen and paper, but music as well, to tell those outside who are going through the same turbulent emotions, you are not alone.

That concludes my sad emo post, hopefully no more for a forseeable future. This post is one of the few post which i wrote it raw. I do not arrange what I want to write and points might fly everywhere.

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