Thursday, January 28, 2010

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much

When I first entered primary school, I was told by my mum that smoking is not good. When I was in early secondary school, smoking to me was un-cool and it was only for those teenagers who wants to show off their "Ah beng" style to attract girls (which until today I think that they do not really work on nice, decent girls). During the later years of my secondary school, smoking was really bad for health to me, thanks to all the ads about the negative side of smoking. Come college, smoking was beginning to look normal to me as everyone around me is smoking but the image of the ads about smoking is still lingering around me to stop me from taking that forbidden puff.

However, as I enter journalism, my perception from smoking being bad is slowly taking its turn to being a normal thing in society. Something so routine that I feel like, drinking a glass of water. What changes me perhaps is my working environment. Almost everyone (I think its only me and Aik Meng as an exception) smokes. Perhaps its the stress they are going through. But the amount of cigarrettes my colleagues puff are unbelievable.

After much deliberating (with myself), I find that I could accept IF (its all in caps, if you do not notice it) I start puffing the forbidden stick.

But, I'll leave that in the future though when I am much much older and I am really into the journalism line, not now. Who knows, by then some scientist somewhere might invent a form of healthy smoke (bubble pipes, anyone?).

For now, as an intern, I shall keep myself satisfied with a cup(maybe two or three) of Nescafe cum Milo from the ever so reliable coffee vending machine whenever I am under stress.

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EAN said...

it's a personal choice. you may notice all the smokers out there but don't forget there are non-smokers as well. choose wisely.