Friday, December 19, 2008

Not even a word of sorry


my whole laptop shuts down with everything still on..things being downloaded and etc..
guess wad he said?


not a chance..

know wad he said?i'll tell you wad he said..

"how can i know?you didnt tell me" laptop charger is black in colour and your wire is a freaking SILVER can u not differentiate that??and to say that i didnt tell can i tell u when u suddenly come from behind and just switch off the plug?i have spidey senses izzit? not mad coz i've lost wad i did the whole morning but im mad coz u did not even bother to mutter a word of SORRY but instead u can say two hurtful me sensitive but thts wad i am..

have you ever said sorry?pfft..not tht i remember..
guess wad?you just made my day..

P.s: thought i was luckier..
but i guess im not much different compare to u..

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