Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chapter 3 - So close

We're so close
to reaching that famous happy end
and almost believing this was not pretend
let's go on dreaming for we know we are
So close..
and still so far..

Quoted it from the song 'so close' by Jon McLaughin..itz a nice song by the way..well it is sort true in many ways that we are so close and yet so my case this year 2008 i actually do not see myself involving in a relationship after having a bad break up the year before..and i must say..this must be the best thing that happen to me the whole year round..though we celebrate new year thousand of miles apart but like the lyrics says 'let's go on dreaming for we know we close and still so far'..far apart we might be but emotionally we're together,connected under one sky..
Cheesy?perhaps..but itz true =)

On a brigther note..
had a great time last night out with friends watching The Beverlly Hills Chi hua hua and having supper..eventhough i have a slight fever..imagine a group of 'macho' guys watching actually not bad..and i got a list of names if i happen to have a dog in the future..fifi,foofoo,pookie,squirt,papi...list goes

2009 is just around the corner..
my own personal prediction for year 2009 :
  • i'll be rich
  • i'll finally get the hairstyle i want
  • i'll have the best time in college
  • Me and my girl will go strong for another year=)
  • Liverpool winning the EPL
  • due to the fact above, Joe Jin will be buying me a set of mcd(or something else..)
and the list goes on..dont wanna bore you out with my predictions..and where is the fun in that,knowing the what will happen in the future?lol..

HAVE A GREAT 2009!!!

til the next chapter..

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