Friday, September 19, 2008



Finally i have the chance to update my we celebrated Chong Jye Yee's 17th birthday!actually it's not yet her exact birthday..itz the nxt day my dear babystingray planned tht we have lunch in seoul around 16 people turned up for the lunch..and we sort of ruled the whole seoul garden..making noises like nobody's business..well..tht is wad u get when u mix 16 teenagrs with an all u can eat it was Jyee's birthday itz our obligation to play her..yea..i'll let the pic speak for itself..

Feeding time~

Food...or jyee's lips?of coz jyee's lips la =p

after crashing seoul garden..we went our separate me n my babystingray walked around aimlessly and end up in library..we actually took pics instead of looking at books

Me girl and meMe girl says "hmmm.."I say "hmmmhmmm"Me girl says "eyerrrr"
i go =(then we both go "hmph!"

there goes our pic the end we called peace n made after the spending an hour or so in gurney..we went to sungai dua to have ice kacang..well..tht is bout all for 15/9!hehe..

Next stop:Baking time!

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