Saturday, October 11, 2008

Okay..for the first time after so long in college (or was it the second time?) i've been freaking busy!!oh man........time is like so valueable..even if i have 9 days in a week,it wun suffice for me..assignments..competition..and many more..haha..

so anyway..guess who i met yesterday in INTI?
*went there to accompany my baby studying and do my assignments and eat lotz and lotz of junk food..*

i met.......


Yeap yeap..met her and talked to her and was just a few feet away from her..well..though i wasnt really drooling over her *but lun xiang did..he even got tongue tied! lol* she still do have some celebrity status so i was for a moment there...actually we're not suppose to take her pic wan..must sign up for some stuff only can take pic with took this pic without anyone noticing her (can be a future paparazi d)..poor lun xiang..u should see his face when he couldnt take any pic with tan session..all went back to normal when kevin came down and there goes the fuss bout hannah tan the craze me and me girl went some where to study in inti..really do have good facilities..more high tech than han chiang..(i still love you han chiang..i think =p) then we hang around there till like 6 something 7..went for dinner then sent her back to the hostel..tht is pretty much bout everything on tht day..

before i end the day..i thought back what my socio lect
urer miss ooi taught us..and i ask cruel can this world be???now..everytime i walk out from the socio class..the way i see the world change..cultural shock and violence that is happening behind the closed door..honestly im still shaken from the effects of the class..itz a mind nimbling experience or whatever u call it..


today i fetched me girl and jyee to register for their
ielts (did i spelt it wrongly?) exam in pulau after registering and all went to gurney a lil while for the korean fair and for some lunch..well it was a much smaller scale than i expected..bought a few packets of korean noodles there..can eat it instantly or can cook it..up to cool is that??lol...they had some performances by a dance group called b first i thought it would be nice as korean are good at dancing...but i forgot a point...they're good at dancing but they are better at break yea..95% of their dance is break much for my excitement..i don't really like a full scale break dancing here n there still the same wan..booooorrrrriiinnnggggg!

so we went for lunch at a taiwanese restaurant in
gurney..very nice is so so and for the first time i drank pearly milk tea and i love it! =D here are some pics...

nice light

retarded me and blur jyee =D

the food that both of the ladies ate..
this is what i ate..

and last but not least..

us =)

so after we leaved and went back to her hostel and going to accompany her to study somewhere around her college..hehe..suprisingly we met with joel and jon toh and wen ping and marcus with their classmates i assume..doing some projects assignments...i was happily watching What Happens In Vegas..very very funny..should watch it!so sent her back and i went home..then i came to me girl's hostel study room and accompany her to study while im doing this blog..well am sort of guilty for not doing any work today..tonight must pia till like crazy d..argghhhh...but itz all worth it as i can spend some time with her..hehe...

well i guess tht's all for now...
till the next post...

ulcers are killing me...
experts says kissing can heal ulcers...
izzit true???
only one way to find XD

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