Monday, May 3, 2010

Now I aint saying she a gold digger

Okay, I am pretty sure most of you here are aware of the Aminulrasyid Amzah's case. Many (or should I say most) of you out there are faulting the police for killing the 15 year old kid, who drove illegally in the middle of the night, was part of an accident and eventually leading to the car chase. Now, is it me or is the public forgetting the fact that the kid is driving illegally and did not stop when the cop warned him to pull up at the side?

Many critics have said that the whole thing has been covered up and that the authorities are making up their own stories and evidence. However, what prove do these critics have? Were they on the scene of the crime then? The fact is, the kid went out in the middle of the night at 2am, drove the car out illegally and was spotted by the cop. No offense to the parents, instead of blaming the cops for their son's death, why not look at themselves first?

If you were a cop, and the car that you have signalled to pull over suddenly sped off. What will your reaction be? They gave chase and it is alleged that the kid tried to run down the cops as well. Plus, the area is prone to many robbery cases so if I were the cop, I would have used my gun as well. Not only that, it might have caused further accidents which will result in possible fatalities to the innocent ones. What happen if someone wanted to cross the road during the car chase? He/she will get knocked down. Or some innocent motorist going home after a long night shift? So much is at staked and you dont expect the police to let all that happen right?

No, I am not siding the cops. I am looking at the neutral point of view where I take everything into consideration. All those rumours bout the cover ups, they are just rumours, not hard facts. It is a wonder those people who created the facebook group that goes 'justice to aminulrasyid' etc etc did not think of this simple fact. Sorry to say, but the parents of the victims were perhaps thinking of getting something out of this fiasco. Yea, the press might be able to interview some of Aminul's friends or relatives where they say he is a good boy etc etc etc. But if he is so good, why would he sneaked out in the middle of the night, to go out with his friends? Is that the attribute of a good boy? The media tend to add extra spice and human interest side into the story to attract more readers. Sometimes you just need to think.

So people, THINK before pointing the fingers at the authorities. Who could have figured out that the person in the car is just a 15 year old boy? Do not give the politicians any chances to politicized this issue any further.

I might be wrong, but I am saying it as I see it.

And dear Aminul, may you Rest In Peace.

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