Saturday, November 21, 2009

All the random shits

This is gonna be a heck load of random shit in this i doubt any of you guys will understand what I'm about to type here. For those who could kudos, for those who can't you're welcome to guess..

Alright, lately ive caught a movie, 2012. To me it was pretty good..i mean i like the plot and stuff like that but one thing that bores me is that the hero never dies. In any normal circumstances, a normal human being would be dead, just watch the movie then you'll know..he can escape burning inferno, drowning, air crash and escape from California to China when the whole world seems to fall apart and not to forget, they always look good doing it..its so cliche..but then again, im not for the sad ending where the hero dies just to save millions of people in the earth....wait, there you go, another cliche.. anyways New Moon's coming out (or is it out?) so it is time to see whether the movie is living up to its hype..

Done with most of the assignments..still got a few more to go..this semester has been a hell of a turbulent work work..oh wells..some the effort is well paid off..however, i do not feel like ive got the rights to claim some credit to it as other team members did more though i contributed some..but i do still feel i did not enough..sigh sigh sigh..

celebrated 2 of my friend's birthday yesterday!again..HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO KAI ZHAI AND RACHEL YONG!!!=D

Liverpool are on one of their worst runs in their history..pffft!enough said..but..i'll never stop supporting you scousers! YNWA!

pretty worried bout my training rejected once by KLUE and im facing another prospect of getting rejected by Malay Mail..they say they're gonna give me an answer by end of the month..well lets just hope that they will give us a positive response..really wanna get out, it is not because Penang is not a good place to live or stay or work or study..just that, after all this unnecesaary shit, i've gotta go off in the big city..its gonna be hard i know..whats not in life?

To me, i prefer problems to be solved and i do not like people to say one thing and they meant it another way..thus if you wanna settle the problems or whatever problems we are going through now, please please be honest and truthful to me..why do you wanna go the big round and in the end, give the benefit to no one?it might even turn out worse..if you think that keeping quiet will solve the problems, think again..dont tell me you wanna avoid it or put it in the past, i know it will maybe be alrite...for short term..long term, we better sit and discuss..the problem is i do not know where the hell i've gone wrong..if you want me to guess i've tried and i dont know..YOU have to tell you want us to keep things from each other?do you wanna go down that road?ive repeated this countless times before and im tired of sure you are the ball is in your court, it is up to you to decide what you cool with it..the past,i wont sit well with this, but now i feel...drained..i'll just go with your flow..

oh ya before i end this segment of random shit..MILEY CYRUS SUCKS!
peace out~lol

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