Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chapter 14 - The number 14

It has been an eternity since i last typed something in this blank space..

Have you ever felt the rush of emotions when u finally saw someone you are dying to see?someone although apart from you for only a month plus feels like a year?yea im over exaggerating but then again if you're in my shoes you might feel the same..who knows?Yea, girl is back!!boy am i glad that she is back...she is back for valentines!=D

Alright, i'm trying not to sound cliche, but this Valentines Day is the best ever i've ever spent with itz nothing extravagant or anything and this Valentines made me realised something, that Valentines is just like any other day..because being together with her everyday is like Valentines to me..spending all those ups and downs together for the past 8 monnths..i've been blessed with the best possible present ever!

Knowing me,things will never always go smoothly for a long period of time..yea so i was actually a lil bit mix in emotions and feelings,being a over too sensitive to my girlfriend for the past couple of days..for apparently a small tiny comes to a point where i made a conclusion and i told sher that, " If you ever have a bf in the future, make sure he is not like me...guys like me are like 2nd to abusers" i was pretty frustrated...and no thanks to the bloody msn who keeps dying on me and my very volatile mum,i was pushed to the extreme..but i had a cardboard to help save me from tearing aprt my room coz....i tore the cardboard =)..

Then i got a call from Rachel...she kinda read through me and pinpointed my seriously helped me..i mean itz like always been under my nose but i've never ever really realised it before up till this moment..and really hoping that for my babystingray sake and myself i will change...i do not wanna end up in the,thanks Super Goose!hehe..

i guess that is all for this chapter..
till the next chapter..

i will not let you down..
i solemnly swear..

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